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NIH MD/PHD Partnership Training Program

Prospective Students


Track 1: College Graduates


MD/PhD Track 1 pathway


For students who have not yet begun medical or graduate school, we offer a training pathway that is similar to the traditional MD/PhD training sequence. You should apply to the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program and NIH Ph.D. programs in the same admissions cycle as you are applying to medical school-based MD/PhD programs around the country.

To apply, select the Consortia of Universities Intramural MD/PhD Partnership and your choice of NIH Graduate Partnership Ph.D. Program. The NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, and Neuroscience partnerships with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and University College London are recommended for MD/PhD training, as the European Ph.D. granted by these programs are primarily research-based degrees that do not require additional coursework. Applications are accepted through the GPP application portal with a deadline in early January of each year for admission to the class beginning medical school that fall. There is no application fee. For students applying to the the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, please read these instructions before submitting your application through the GPP portal. The MCAT is accepted by the NIH OxCam program for MD/PhD applicants, with no need to take the GRE.

Interviews are conducted in February in coordination with the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, and Neuroscience partnerships with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and University College London. These Ph.D. programs are the most compatible with MD/PhD training. Decisions for admission to the Ph.D. programs will, in most cases, be concordant with offers for MSTP funding. To receive MSTP funding for the medical school phase of training, students must receive an independent admissions offer from an MD/PhD program that participates in the NIH partnership. Medical school MSTP-funded MD/PhD programs have various levels of participation, so if you are interested in doing your Ph.D. in one of the NIH Partnership programs it is essential that you apply to a significant number of schools that participate in the NIH partnership. See the list of participating medical schools for current information. Even if you intend to pursue your Ph.D. at NIH it is important that you apply to MD/PhD programs and NOT regular M.D. training at the schools of your choice, as students can only be offered funding for the medical school phase of training if accepted to an MD/PhD combined degree program at that institution. If you are accepted to our program and admitted to medical school for M.D. training, you can enroll in the NIH MD/PhD partnership and re-apply for funding in a later admissions cycle.

Admissions decisions are made by March 1, with a wait list that is active through the end of April. 

For more information please check our frequently asked questions page, join our mailing list to receive more information, application tips and invitations to teleconferences during the year you plan to apply, or contact us if you have questions about your individual situation.

Prospective Students