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NIH MD/PHD Partnership Training Program

Prospective Students


Track 2: Current Medical Students


MD/PhD Track 2 pathway 


Medical students can apply to an NIH GPP program and begin graduate training generally after completing the pre-clinical medical school curriculum. Applicants are usually second-year medical students, but those in "year-out" programs such as the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program can also apply. Students admitted from NIH's ‘year out’ programs who stay in the same NIH lab for their Ph.D. training may be able to accelerate their training. Upon acceptance to the GPP, students can then apply for MSTP status in the MD/PhD program of their medical school. Because of their reduced coursework requirements, the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program and the Neuroscience partnerships with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and University College London are the most compatible NIH GPP Ph.D. programs with this pathway. Other students have chosen to obtain their Ph.D. from their medical school, which requires acceptance by and fulfillment of requirements of a department at the students’ medical school.

Please note that if you are currently enrolled in a funded U.S. University-based MD/PhD program you may only apply for NIH GPP training with permission of your MD/PhD program. We will need a letter from your program director if this is the case.

For more information, application tips and invitations to teleconferences during the year you plan to apply, please check our frequently asked questions page, or join our mailing list. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your individual situation.

Prospective Students