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Thank you for your interest in the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program. Students can apply to the program through the three “tracks” shown in the diagram below. The application for each track is different and based upon your current educational status. Details for determining your correct track may be found here.

The NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program enables students to pursue a career as a physician-scientist while taking advantage of unique opportunities and resources at the NIH, including the NIH Clinical Research Center. Since the NIH is not a degree-granting institution, this program is a partnership between US medical schools for the MD phase of training and university doctoral programs through the NIH Graduate Partnerships Program for the PhD phase of training. Most scholars in the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program choose to participate in the NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program for the PhD phase of their training.

This site is designed to provide a general overview of the application process and information on the basic timeline for the program. For details about medical school participation, please contact the program director or administrators.

MD/PhD Pathway options