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Track 3: Current NIH GPP Students

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Students may pursue dual-degree training through the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program via one of three academic tracks. Track 3 is for students who are currently enrolled in a NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP) for PhD training and are interested in pursuing a medical degree.

Track 3

Track 3 applications are offered through an internal system available to current NIH GPP students only. Candidates interested in the Track 3 pathway are required to first apply and enroll in a NIH GPP for PhD training. GPP students interested in Track 3 should submit an application the year prior to completing the doctoral degree. Students admitted as Track 3 Scholars are eligible to receive funding from the NIH to support their medical education. This funding will cover four years of medical school upon completion and issuance of your PhD. Please note that Track 3 slots and funding are limited. As a result, calls for Track 3 applications are not guaranteed.


  • Track 3 applicants must be currently enrolled in a NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP)
  • Interested candidates must apply for Track 3 as well as to participating medical school and MSTPs. Acceptance into the NIH MD/PhD Program is contingent upon acceptance into one of these programs.



Current GPP students with questions about the Track 3 pathway may contact the NIH MD/PhD Program administrators at

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