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Track 3: Current NIH GPP Students

Current NIH PhD students who are pursuing a career as a physician-scientist have the opportunity to apply for limited MSTP funding during the final portion of their PhD training. During this time, students should also be applying for admission to MSTPs at participating medical schools.

Track 3 Diagram


  1. Must be enrolled in an NIH Graduate Partnership Program (GPP)
  2. Must be applying to MD/PhD dual-degree programs at participating medical school MSTPs.  Acceptance into the NIH MD/PhD Program is contingent upon acceptance into one of these programs.

Applying via this track, you will have the opportunity to apply in the year prior to completion of your doctoral degree for limited MSTP funding through the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program. This funding will cover all 4 years of your medical school upon completion and issuance of your PhD.