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About MD/PhD


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest biomedical research facility in the world. Comprised of 27 different Institutes and Centers, each with a specific research agenda, the NIH offers a diverse array of opportunities for scholars pursuing a career in biomedical research.

Scholars accepted to the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program have the opportunity to join a community of about 500 graduate students and select a mentor from amongst 1,200 principal investigators at the NIH. Most of these students and researchers are located on the NIH main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, which is also home to the NIH Clinical Research Center, the largest hospital in the world that is entirely dedicated to clinical research.

The NIH Clinical Research Center provides MD/PhD students a chance to maintain and enhance their clinical skills while completing the PhD portion of their dual-degree training. Scholars have access to courses, regular and special seminars, Clinical Grand Rounds, and other events intended for physician-scientists.