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Track 2: Current Medical Students

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Students may pursue dual-degree training through the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program via one of two academic tracks. Track 2 is for students who are currently enrolled in a clinical degree school. Interested candidates must apply at the start of the first year of clinical training. Upon acceptance, Track 2 Scholars take a leave of absence from the home institution after the second year of clinical training to pursue doctoral training through the NIH OxCam Program. Upon completion of the doctoral degree requirements, the student returns to the home institution to complete the clinical degree.

Most students in the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program earn their PhD through the NIH OxCam Program, a four-year PhD program partnered with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Visit the NIH OxCam Program website for more information.

We are now hosting informational webinars about the program application process. Please check the Events webpage for details such as the webinar dates/times.


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Track 2 Scholars are responsible for funding the pre-clinical years of medical school (usually MS1) and will begin the PhD phase of training in a NIH GPP after MS2. Track 2 Scholars enrolled in a U.S.-based may receive funds for the medical or clinical degree program through the NIH Medical Scientist Partnership Program FM1 fellowship. FM1 funding applications will open July 8th and close August 8th. Students interested in applying are strongly encourage to read the Guidance for Applicants.

Please note: Since the new MSPP funding mechanism changed the definition of a Track 2 applicant, current M2 students are not eligible to apply for MSPP grant funding. Therefore, we have obtained permission for this year only to allow current M1 students to apply for Track 2 funding via the traditional mechanism through the GPP application portal. Please check the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program website for details regarding the application open date (anticipated in early August 2023). Application deadline is 1 December 2023.



  • Candidate must be enrolled in a U.S. medical or clinical degree program  
  • Candidate must obtain permission from the medical or clinical program Director in order to participate in one of the NIH GPPs
  • MCAT scores are not required for Track 2 consideration or admission.


NIH MSPP FM1 Fellowship Application

  1. Track 2 applicants should contact their school's business or grants administration staff at least 90 days before the submission deadline
  2. Submit the FM1 fellowship application by the August 8th deadline.


GPP Application and Partnership Selection

Candidates interested in admission to Track 2 of the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program must submit the NIH GPP application. To start an application:

  1.  Create your account username and password, then select Apply Now
  2.  Select the GPP APPLICATION (Long Form) option
  3.  Indicate the desired GPP and/or training pathway under Partnership Selection. To apply for Track 2, select University of Oxford (England) / University of Cambridge (England) / Consortia of Universities - NIH - MD/PhD - Track-2
  4.  Applications must be submitted by the NIH GPP application deadline. There is no fee for submitting applications through the GPP application portal.  Partnering universities may have an application fee.
  5.  Students selected to interview will be notified by the end of January. Notifications of admission are provided by the end of February.

Timeline for Track 2 Scholars

  • Following admission, Track 2 Scholars take a leave of absence from the home medical school to pursue doctoral training through the NIH OxCam Program.
  • Upon completion of the PhD degree requirements, the student returns to the home institution to complete the clinical component of medical school.


Interested candidates with questions about the Track 2 pathway may contact the NIH MD/PhD Program administrators at

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