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The Accelerated MD/PhD Partnership Training Program

The MD/PhD PartnershipTraining Program is designed to encourage the success and development of students pursuing a future as physician-scientists in basic and translational biomedical research. The program fosters innovative and interdisciplinary PhD partnerships in an accelerated setting with a completion time of approximately four years. Scholars enrolled in this program have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique resources available at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including the NIH Clinical Research Center and the many options for collaboration provided by the NIH Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP).

There are opportunities available for students who have just finished their Bachelor’s degrees and are looking to apply to medical school, students who are currently enrolled in medical school, and students who are currently in the NIH Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP).

How to Apply

The first step in the application process is to determine whether you are eligible for the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program. The second step is to identify which of the three tracks apply to you. The third step is to apply to the appropriate track. More detailed information about eligibility requirements and the application process is listed on the individual track pages.

Track 1

Choose Track 1 if you plan on attending medical school BEFORE you begin PhD research

Track 2

Have you already started medical school? If so, you are a Track 2 applicant.

Track 3

Choose Track 3 if you don't plan on attending medical school BEFORE you begin PhD research

Current Students

Now in its 16th year, the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program has grown to a population of well over 50 aspiring young scientists at 35 U.S. medical schools. We can proudly admit the current cohort of NIH MD/PhD Scholars are involved in some of the most cutting edge biomedical research endeavors being conducted in the world.

The MD/PhD Program leadership want to ensure that you have a place to get the information that you need. Please review the below information for resources to help you navigate through your training. 

Student Profiles Student Resources

The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program

The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program (OxCam) can accommodate students seeking combined MD/PhD training for a career as a physician-scientist. Students admitted to the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program conduct research in the NIH intramural research program as part of a coordinated plan of dual-degree training with a U.S. medical school. Students may combine medical school training with the NIH OxCam PhD program via one of three academic tracks.

Go to NIH OxCam

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