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The NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program aims to assist NIH MD/PhD students by providing funding guidance and support. Most NIH institutes have MSTP-funded training slots that serve as the primary source of funding for MD/PhD students at the NIH. However, these slots and the accompanying funded are limited. As a result, each institute slot is given to an exemplary MD/PhD student who is completing their dissertation research with a principal investigator in that institute’s intramural research program.

Medical Scientist Training Programs 

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) was developed by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to financially support the development of future physician-scientists. This program encourages students with outstanding credentials and potential to dedicate themselves to biomedical research and academic medicine careers.

Students conducting their dissertation research at the NIH may attend any medical school; however, only those accepted to a U.S. medical school’s MSTP are eligible to receive an NIH institute’s MSTP-funded slot for the medical school phase of training.

Since funding from the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program is provided by an individual NIH institutes as a supplement to a medical school’s NIGMS MSTP training grant, it can only be used at MSTP-funded programs. Not all MSTP-funded programs fully participate, however. For more information about current participating medical schools, please contact the Director of the MD/PhD Partnership Training Program.

If you do not currently attend a medical school that participates with this program, or a medical school that does not have an MSTP grant, we encourage you to consider other available funding opportunities.

More information about MSTP Funding is available here.

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