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Prospective Students

How to Apply

The first step in the application process is to determine whether you are eligible for the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Program. The second step is to identify which of the three tracks apply to you. The third step is to apply to the appropriate track. The components of the standard NIH Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) application are listed below. More detailed information about eligibility requirements and the application process is listed on the individual track pages.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • United States citizenship (or permanent resident)
  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum)
  • MCAT scores
  • AMCAS application
  • Currently enrolled in or applying to a United States medical school with a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) T32 Grant
  • Research experience with a focused plan for PhD training at both the NIH and a partnering university

To help you determine your track, please answer the following question(s):

  1. Have you already started medical school?
    1. If yes, you are a Track 2 applicant.
    2. If no, please answer the next question.
  2. Are you planning to attend medical school BEFORE you begin PhD research?
    1. If yes, you are a Track 1 applicant.
    2. If no, you are a Track 3 applicant.

Application Components


  • “Research Interests” include:
    • Field(s) of research in which you are interested (e.g., neuroscience, imaging, immunology, biostatistics)
  • “Research Experience” includes:
    • Research project title and aims
    • Research internships
    • Independent undergraduate research
    • Major accomplishments and findings
    • Research techniques learned
  • “Publications & Presentations” include:
    • Papers with complete author list and citation
    • Thesis, abstracts, poster and oral presentations at meetings, etc.
  • "Awards & Honors” include:
    • Undergraduate awards and recognitions
    • Dean’s lists
    • Research fellowships
    • Community citations
  • “Extracurricular Activities” include:
    • Leadership roles
    • Memberships in professional associations

Additional Information:

  • List any scholarships (Marshall, Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, NIH Cambridge Trust, Churchill, Fulbright, Gilliam etc.) for which you are currently applying.
  • List potential mentors at the NIH and partnering universities in whose research interests you are interested. You can search for NIH faculty members on the individual NIH institute web sites, which can be found through the NIH Intramural Research Program site.

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Requests for letters of recommendation will be sent to individuals as soon as you enter their contact information and save your application. You do not need to submit your final application in order for these requests to be sent.
  • Letters are due by December 5, 2019.
  • Letters must be written and dated within the last 12 months.
  • Only letters uploaded to the on-line application site will be accepted.